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New: moziloCMS 1.12.beta1 (update instructions)

Begonnen von azett, 24. Mai 2010, 00:19:13

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Waiting's over: moziloCMS 1.12 has been released! First, it's a beta version, some smaller things like the language files are still missing. Also, with the productive use of the beta we want to see if there are still problems all our tests didn't show.

Waht's new in version 1.12?
moziloCMS 1.12 contains a completely-redesigned moziloAdmin: Working with moziloCMS has never been that easy, ergonomic and sexy! Moreover, we changed the internal character encoding to UTF-8, so moziloCMS can be used in e.g. Czech, Japan or Russia, too. If the server supports mod_rewrite, moziloCMS can now produce much more considerable URLs, e.g. But even without mod_rewrite the adresses now look smarter. The spam protection of the contact form has been strengthened, the search has been enhanced and content pages may now be protected by password. Aaaaand: moziloCMS can now be extended by plugins! Some plugins like the embeddable gallery are included in the standard download package, others are available at the mozilo plugin archive. Of course, all known bugs have been eliminated - thanks for your error reports!
Much more happened - if you're interested in every single change, please refer to the change log at Or, even better: Just try :)

Updating moziloCMS 1.10.x or 1.11.x to 1.12.beta1:
  • Download
    Download from and unzip it.

  • Update
    Please follow the update instructions in "moziloCMS/update/README.txt".

Should these instructions be incomplete or even erroneous, send me a private message here on the board or an e-mail to"> .