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Themen - irrelevant

In English, please! / Canonical Links
11. Januar 2011, 21:54:25
regarding http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot. ... nical.html

Mods to 1.11.2 to support this:

In index.php
within    function readTemplate() {
after global $CAT_REQUEST;add global $PAGE_REQUEST;
after    $HTML = preg_replace('/{LAYOUT_DIR}/', $LAYOUT_DIR, $HTML);add $restp = "?cat=" . $CAT_REQUEST . "&page=" . $PAGE_REQUEST;
$HTML = preg_replace('/{CANONICAL_LINK}/', $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] . $restp, $HTML);

If you use custom parameters in the URL, as I do, and need to include these, you can add something like this between those two lines: foreach ($_GET as $key => $value) {
if (stripos("zoom|goto", $key) !== FALSE) {
$restp .= "&" . $key . "=" . $value;
where zoom|goto is a list of tags that also need to be included.  Or, just specify them all with suitable defaults if they are not already defined - it depends what you are up to!

You will also need to adjust your template.html file for whatever layouts you use.  Just add    <link rel="canonical" href="{CANONICAL_LINK}" />in the header, under any other <link> tags in there.

This ensures that your pages only appear once in Google search results, and all popularity scores etc are amalgamated across the various forms that the url can take, e.g.: ... 10_Welcome

are all treated as the same page.

In English, please! / Inclusion of galleries
07. August 2009, 11:48:53
Hi there.

Excellent bit of software; nice and clean and simple to use.  I've used it for a couple of sites now, and even my not very technical younger sister can use it!  

One question though.  I would like to have a gallery available as a content page, so visible in the indexes.  I cannot see how to do this; all I have been able to do is link to it from an existing content page.  Is it possible to include galleries in the index, or is it possible to include them within a content page, as you can do with other content pages?