Translators about themselves

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Translators about themselves
« am: 16. Oktober 2009, 09:21:25 »
If you want to, you can let the other translators know who you are and what translation you're working on.

I will do the start:
I am Arvid from Germany, one of the project's heads, and I work on the English translation of the moziloCMS language files :)
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Re: Translators about themselves
« Antwort #1 am: 18. Oktober 2009, 13:04:53 »
Well then I will continue using Arvid's template :)

I am Ole from Denmark, just recently started using moziloCMS. If you didn't figure it out I will try to maintain a Danish translation. ;)
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Antw:Translators about themselves
« Antwort #2 am: 16. August 2022, 10:28:58 »
I am Miguel Ángel, from Spain and I would like to contribute to the project with the translation of the administration area into Spanish. (obviously 🙃)

I was thinking about doing it through a " pull request " as I have almost finished the translation of the mozilo2.0-master/admin/sprachen/language_esES.txt file (previously tested with an installation on my own domain).

Is this the proper way to do it?

I would be glad if this becomes my first contribution via Github.
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Antw:Translators about themselves
« Antwort #3 am: 16. August 2022, 13:00:12 »
Hi Miguel,
welcome to the forum and moziloCMS!
Yes that would be great if you could update the files (dont forget to update the translators name in the files). Pls. note, the file you are mentioning is 'only' the language file for the backend. There is also one for the frontend which is mozilo2.0-master/cms/sprachen/language_esES.txt . Those 2 files are for the core system.
Also in addition, each of the plugins has his own language file, for example see here mozilo2.0-master/plugins/CONTACT/sprachen/admin_language_esES.txt and cms_language_esES.txt (and so on for each plugin; there might be not a file for spanish translation for each plugin but you could copy the deDE file and use this as the basis))
If you could do it as pull request in github would be great but if you have any problems, you can send me the files and i can update github.
 And thank you very much in advance already!