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Size of Image

Begonnen von Lou Marshall, 22. September 2016, 11:05:54

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Lou Marshall

Hi I am new to Mozilo and I am updating the company website.  I would like add an image but restrict the size height and width? Using the Syntax image (Bild) how can this be achieved?
Many thanks


Hello und welcome to mozilo!  :)

First please excuse my English and the delayed response.

Currently there is unfortunately no way to alter "bild", "bildlinks" or "bildrechts"
images' (display) size via the editor.

Depending on your demands and possibilies ("one/few/almost all images must be resized",
css-skills, update frequency of webiste, used template, etc.) here are some basic

Resize images offline before upload exactly with your preferred tool (proven, best method)


Edit the according CSS attributes of .contentimage, .leftcontentimage, .rightcontentimage in
the related CCS-files inside the folder of the used, active template (handicap: takes effect
on all images of the respective class)


Create new syntaxelements, for example:

bildparameter = <img src="{DESCRIPTION}" class="contentimage" style="{VALUE}">
bildparameter_left = <img src="{DESCRIPTION}" class="leftcontentimage" style="{VALUE}">
bildparameter_right = <img src="{DESCRIPTION}" class="rightcontentimage" style="{VALUE}">

and use them as follows in the editor, for example:

[bildparameter=@=Categoryname:Filename-via-dropdown.jpg=@|border:1px solid red;width:150px;]


Works only for gallerys : Resize images during the upload process using the resize option -
Here you can also set the size of the preview-images/thumbnails which could be deviant
used as images (gallerys contain one or more images). In order to display gallerys a
plugin like slimbox, colorbox, fancybox, etc. is required ( available for download here: ) - very abstract / beta

these are my first thoughts ...  :-\