New: moziloCMS 1.11.2 (update instructions)

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New: moziloCMS 1.11.2 (update instructions)
« am: 07. Juli 2009, 19:56:15 »
Again, it's time for a new version of moziloCMS :)
moziloCMS 1.11.2 particularly fixes some bugs: Lists are now rendered correctly again, including other content pages doesn't go wrong and special chars will be stored correctly on UTF8 servers. Furthermore, a possible (but uncritical) cross site scripting vulnerability has been fixed.
We are very proud to have moziloCMS being used in Brazil - therefore, we added Brazilian Portuguese language files (thanks Moisés!).

Updating moziloCMS from 1.11.1 to 1.11.2:
  • Download
    Download the update package from and unzip it.

  • Backup
    Use your FTP tool to backup your complete website, so you can go back to the current version if anything goes wrong.

  • Update
    • Update of files (mandatory)
      Upload ALL files from the unzipped onto your web server (just overwrite the current versions).
    • Edit configuration (mandatory)
      Edit the follwing files as described:

Should these instructions be incomplete or even erroneous, send me a private message here on the board or an e-mail to .
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