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Server requirements for e-mail

Begonnen von PaulR, 05. September 2010, 23:18:10

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Can anyone tell me what is required to enable moziloCMS to send e-mails? I am currently using a free host with my own domain name and email doesn't seem to work (tried various addresses from Admin->Home->E-mail test).

Many thanks



Hi Paul,

moziloCMS uses the standard PHP function mail().
Maybe your hoster blocks this function in order to prevent spam. Also, we know at least one German hoster which requires the registration of a certain email adress from which mails are allowed to be sent.
Look if you can find something about it in your hoster's FAQ (and please let us know about - we maintain a list of hosters where we put those thing to).


Thanks Arvid. According to their website PHP sendmail is enabled for free accounts (I guess this is the same as the mail() function you mentioned?) so I wonder if I have to enable/set up something in their control panel - I'll look into it a little further.

For information the host is

Many thanks



I read that, too...although it doesn't seem to work :/

Please let us know if you find out more! (If there's a support team, also ask them.)


Hello Paul, any updates about this issue? I am also having the same trouble as you :(