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Just to say thank you

Begonnen von PaulR, 05. September 2010, 15:54:36

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I've tried just about every flat-file CMS going and I have to say that MoziloCMS is far and away the best - many thanks to the team!

The only thing MoziloCMS doesn't have is a better profile in the English-speaking world! (Many people are too lazy to figure things out or even use BabelFish!).

Anyway, here are few improved English translations/corrections for the Admin area:

"Welcome to moziloAdmin, the administration centre of moziloCMS. This is where you can edit your website's contents comfortably. To make working with moziloAdmin as easy as possibly, all objects contain additional information, shown as tool tips at mouseover. For this tool tips, activated JavaScript is mandatory."
Welcome to moziloAdmin, the administration centre of moziloCMS. From here you can edit your website's content, change it's appreance and modify various settings. Most objects in the administration centre contain additional information, shown as tool tips when hovering the mouse over the object. However, these tool tips will only be displayed if JavaScript is enabled in your browser.

"Your website is composed of categories. Each item in the main menu is assigned to one category."
Each content page belongs to a category and each category appears in the main menu.

"moziloCMS provides you the possibility to offer files (e.g. PDF documents or ZIP archives) for download."
Use this page to upload files for use on your site (for example images) or to offer files for download (for example PDF or ZIP files).

The English translations at present are certainly useable but it wouldn't do any harm to improve them :) I'll add more later if that's ok?

Thanks again, keep up the great work!



Hi Paul, welcome to the support board :)
Thanks for your laudatory words, this means a lot to us. May I ask where you are from and where you know moziloCMS from?

About the translation: Our English knowledge may be quite respectable, but surely not perfect. We are grateful for any help, also with the translations. If you like, just re-work the whole English language files. There are two of them: admin/sprachen/language_enEN.conf for the backend, cms/sprachen/language_enEN.conf für the frontend. Feel free to correct them, then send them to"> . If you like, put your name into the "translator" line to let everybody know who did this peace of work.

Thanks a lot! :)


Hi Arvid,

I'm from England. I first saw moziloCMS in opensourcecms some weeks ago but I tried the highly rated, still in development and natively English programs first. I think moziloCMS's rating on there would be much higher if there was an English language version of the website although your English instructions should help greatly.

I speak a little German (and I mean a little!) so installing and joining the forum wasn't as daunting as it might be for some (looking further west ;) )

I've done some work on English translations for other opensource projects but I'm afraid I don't have enough free time to get heavily involved at the moment :(

I'll add those changes to the files you mention and email them to you and add others as and when I get time.

I've spent a few more hours with moziloCMS now and I'm even more impressed than before!!

Best regards



Zitat von: "azett"Feel free to correct them, then send them to">

Sent one for approval  :D



Great, thx - already checked in your changes :)